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Non Congress Politics in Punjab by: Amanpreet Singh Gill

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From 1947 to 1997, no Non-Congress Party in Punjab could complete its term in office for five years. It was achieved only after Shiromani Akali Dal declared itself a Punjabi Party, shedding its Sikh identity which was cultivated over a period of 75 years. Radical Sikhs, Dalits and Leftist formations remained persistent electoral under-achievers. They have been on the periphery of power politics for the last 66 years. The puzzle is that how do they retain their relevance in politics without power? Amanpreet Sing Gill, in this book, seek to explore the answer to this puzzle. Despite being electoral underachievers, Non-Congress formations in Punjab have strong presence in the arena of culture. They have gained mass participation/support in various agitations since 1947. In the arena of religion, they are like a fish in water. They live in the world of such narratives which make their lives without political power meaningful and sublime. Gurmukhi print communicate these narratives in permanent ink and the memory’s relation with politics becomes indelible. Author believes that the path to understanding the complexity of politics in Punjab lies through Gurmukhi print. This book is the outcome of this belief.

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